Bike History

I had in many years considered buying a motorcycle – fall in love with a BMW R1200C in China Town,  Tomorrow Never Dies, in 1998 – and have for a couple of years had a model of it on my office desk. I got my drivers license in the military in 1985 on a Yamaha 250 (I think) with only a few horses and have only ridden a bike once or twice since the test ride.

Fortunately I met Gregg Flower last year and he convinced me after some struggle that the R1200C was not what I wanted – I needed an off-road bike. He showed me his orange KTM and after a test ride in his garden I thought “what the hell, let me try this”.

In January 2005 I bought my first bike, a KTM LC4 640 Enduro (1998), which I had a very short test ride on (some few hundred meters) in Aarhus a dark and cold afternoon. A cool bike and I had some few longer rides visiting my friend Lars Torp in the northern part of Zealand in -5º C (it was very cold and I was stiff as a frozen viking).

In February 2005 I bought another bike, a Honda Trans “Dominator” Alp (1992). Long story which I’m not proud of, but I thought is was a (very cheap) Trans Alp, but it turned out to be a Dominator (as written with big letters on the tank). My purpose with this bike was to use it to the daily travel from home to work since I then thought the KTM was not comfortable enough for this. It broke down after less than 1000 km and was put away for later repair.

In Marts same year I was participating in a shooting contest in Germany where one of the german shooters arrived on a BMW R1150GS Adventure. Wow – I couldn’t concentrate on shooting and was out taking pictures in every break instead of focusing on the shooting.

At a trip to Sweden with Tenere-klubben I was discussing the bike with some of the guys, but they advised me that I was to inexperienced to handle this big and heavy bike, so maybe I should wait a year or two.

In April (still 2005)I was offered a Yamaha Super Tenere (1989) from one of the guys from the trip and after some yes/no time I said no (yes) – and bought my third bike in four months. It was great and I spend almost every evening driving around on my “big” bike – somehow different from the KTM (which was great at the off-road riding we do in Sweden).

In late April (yeah, still 2005) I was up early for a shooting competition in Sweden and when reading the newspaper while having my breakfast I saw it. A BMW R1150GS Adventure for sale in northern Jutland and I was sold. I told my girlfriend to call them as soon they opened the shop (I was going to shoot) and reserve the bike for me – I wanted it very badly.

So in early May I drove to Aalborg on the Super Tenere and drove home on the Adventure – what a bike!

Four bikes in four months – maybe a record and maybe I’m crazy – but I didn’t know shit about motorbikes so this was a kind of test ride every time”¦

I now only have the KTM for gravel runs, enduro and will participate in the Tourareg Rallye in 2007 on it and the BMW for longer trips like Nordkap, Iceland, Southern Europe and maybe Siberia next year.

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