The police told me today…

… that the crazy car driver had shown up at the police station yesterday with a somewhat different story. He admitted that he didn’t give way and drove out on 04 just in front of me, but then the story differs. He had apparently told them it was me who attacked him and he had a witness – his girlfriend! What a story. The police officer told me that it would be my word against his in court and it might end with me loosing my license!

So they had decided not to press charges and close the case (actually they had not started it at all).

So maybe the story ends here – or maybe not…

Crazy car driver tried to kill me

Saturday evening I was driving south on O4 from Lyngby to Ballerup on my BMW R1150GS Adventure when a guy in a grey Mitsubishi Galant, YB 41556 (look out for him out there – he is dangerous) came out in front of me from the right without giving way as he should when coming from a smaller road to a main road. That maneuver placed me rather closely to the car (10-15 meters) and then the craziness started.

The driver suddenly blocked his brakes and I had to apply maximum brake to stop so I just barely touched the rear fender (thank you BMW for the ABS brakes). I then drove up on the left hand side of the car to see if the driver was intoxicated but he continued with 50-60 km/h. He suddenly swung the car to the left in best Hollywood style and hit my motorcycle forcing me two car lanes to the left in the opposite traffic lanes (thank god for off-road experience and no opposite traffic at that moment – and thank you Wunderlich for the crash bar and crash bar protector which took the impact). I succeeded in keeping the motorcycle upright down in my evasive maneuver and now I got to stop the car the see what was wrong with this crazy driver (as a formerly police officer I couldn’t just let him go).

I drove up on the side again and was mad enough to hit the car with a soft kick with my right foot.

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A nice trip to Sweden on my KTM with my friends from Tenere-klubben resulted in a lot of nice drivning and unfortunately a crash after a jump into a stone hedge with barb wire – resulting in at flat tire and some cuts and bruises (specially my left thigh which I used to stop the motorcycle against a three). The tire got repared and I returned to Denmark with Iver early Saturday morning to rest my leg when the other participants continued driving until Sunday morning.

Thanks to all the guys from the club for a good way to spend the Easter holidays.

What a weekend, what a crash – but I survived!


Today some of the guys and girl(s) from Tenere and DORMCK met at Dans place where Anne told us about her trip to Iceland and showed us a lot of pictures and some videos (one from Helge Petersen and one somekind of private).

It was very interesting and I promised myself to do the trip before the end of 2007. This year I have allready planned to go to Nordkap with Christian and Ulrik in the beginning of the summer and to Tourettes-sur-Loup near Nice and Toscana in the fall on private “Gourmet Tour”.

I’m planning to order some of the planning books and maps already now – so please let me know if you want to share the postage costs and the rebate.

Spring is coming to town…

The spring is coming and I’m preparing my bikes and my guns for this season. I´m really looking forward to spend a lot of time on my bikes this year with my friends from Tenere-klubben and shoot a lot of double alphas with my friends from DSF.

I will post news and goals on this blog.